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"Il est hors de doute que l'etude systematique, de la teneur absolue du noyau en acide desoxyribonucleique, a travers de nombreuses especes animales, puisse fournir des suggestions interessantes en ce qui concerne le probleme de l'evolution."

- Vendrely and Vendrely, 1950

Welcome to the Animal Genome Size Database, Release 2.0, a comprehensive catalogue of animal genome size data. Haploid DNA contents (C-values, in picograms) are currently available for 6222 species (3793 vertebrates and 2429 non-vertebrates) based on 8004 records from 786 published sources. You can navigate the database using the menu on the left. New features in Release 2.0 include enhanced browsing and search functions, data export capabilities, and up to the minute summaries of available data.

News And Updates

Latest Record Updates
Adineta vaga0.367-2-2018, T. Ryan Gregory
Adineta ricciae0.257-2-2018, T. Ryan Gregory
Polypedilum vanderplanki0.105-4-2017, T. Ryan Gregory
Polypedilum tamanigrum0.115-4-2017, T. Ryan Gregory
Polypedilum nubifer0.105-4-2017, T. Ryan Gregory
Paratanytarsus grimmii0.105-4-2017, T. Ryan Gregory
Sergentia kizakiensis0.105-4-2017, T. Ryan Gregory
Tanytarsus takahashii0.095-4-2017, T. Ryan Gregory
Paraborniella tonnoiri0.205-4-2017, T. Ryan Gregory
Stictochironomus akizukii0.135-4-2017, T. Ryan Gregory