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Detailed Record for Eutoxeres condamini

Common Name: Buff-tailed sicklebill

Taxonomy: Phylum Chordata / Sub Phylum Vertebrata / Class Aves / Order Apodiformes / Family Trochilidae / Genus Eutoxeres

C-value (pg): 1.14

Method: Feulgen Image Analysis Densitometry

Cell Type: Red blood cells

Standard Species: Gallus domesticus = 1.25pg

Gregory, T.R., C.B. Andrews, J.A. McGuire, and C.C. Witt (2009). The smallest avian genomes are found in hummingbirds. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 276: 3753-3757.

Other records available for this species:

Eutoxeres condamini = 1.12 (pg)

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